EasyTechControl – Construction Management

We are the exclusive representative for the software product "EasyTechControl: Construction Management" in Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

EasyTechControl: Construction Management is an information system that allows you to plan, monitor and analyze the results of work at all stages of the life cycle of a construction object. The main users of the system:
Development Companies
Construction Companies
Technical Customers
Engineering companies for technical and author supervision.

"EasyTechControl: Construction Management" is a system of flexibly configurable modules that cover all the main tasks in the process of capital construction. Modules can be combined based on the needs of a specific Customer, which makes "EasyTechControl" a universal solution for project management in construction.
"EasyTechControl: Construction Management" generally contributes to greater transparency of business processes. With its help, any options for analytics and reports become available to top management and investors, which means the most reliable assessment of the project's potential.
"EasyTechControl – Construction Management" significantly improves the accuracy of planning and forecasting. In particular, by aggregating data on works, material and technical resources, crews involved in the facility, etc., it allows you to compare different calendar and network schedules, and already choose the optimal one based on the comparison results.

Uniqueness of the "EasyTechControl: Construction Management":

Adaptability to any business tasks of the Customer "EasyTechControl: Construction Management" is equally effective for automating the activities of construction projects for large industrial holdings, for automating the work of public authorities, and is also convenient for developers of multifunctional complexes and apartment buildings of large construction volume.
High performance of the program. The use of special presets provides exceptionally high data processing speed, allowing you to output more than 10 thousand records in just a couple of seconds. Multidimensional data analysis significantly improves the quality of operational control, as it makes it possible to obtain comprehensive data on all aspects of a construction project in real time – and immediately respond to incidents, including automatically according to pre-established algorithms.
Modernization without the participation of developers. The open architecture of the program allows customers to make the necessary changes and improvements to it without involving developers, which reduces the cost of operating activities and additional costs.
The safety of the EasyTechControl program is a proven solution that has been successfully tested in the largest nuclear and oil and gas companies in the country. The program is certified by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control according to the 4th level of trust.

Feature of the "EasyTechControl" system: Construction Management", which makes it unique in the construction software market, is a special technology for working with data and a variety of modules for the Customer's choice, which allows achieving the highest degree of flexibility and productivity of construction management. Stages of implementation of "EasyTechControl: Construction Management":

Implementation stages

Among the implemented projects

Among the implemented projects by EasyTechControl Developers

"Project expertise"

By order of Rosatom's daughter, specializing in the construction of nuclear power plants abroad, a comprehensive solution was developed that allowed automating the examination of project documentation and engineering survey results, including online interaction with applicants, internal examination processes, as well as the formation of an electronic library-an industry documentation fund.

"Investment Project Management"

By order of the company "Techresurs", which provides services for construction control in the implementation of large projects in the oil and gas sector, a system was created that included a functional customer, contractors of SMR and construction control in a single digital circuit. The program made it possible to "digitize" the processes of storage, modification and approval of documentation, daily monitoring of construction quality, including entrance control procedures, inspection of works and critical structures, as well as the formation of analytical reports.

«State expertise»

The complex developed for the State Construction Supervision and Expertise Service of St. Petersburg (desktop application + web client) made it possible to convert the entire process of state expertise of projects into electronic form, configure integration with the ESIA and other external systems, as well as create a single repository of information on expertise regardless of the method of rendering the service.

«Construction management»

A construction management system consisting of 27 software modules was developed for a large federal developer Neometria. Each of the modules was responsible for automating a certain group of business processes: contractual document management, project, work, executive, etc. types of documentation, construction and installation works, supply, control and acceptance of completed works, etc.

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