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Black Metal: analytics for the beginning of 2022

Black Metal: analytics for the beginning of 2022
It's no secret that Kazakhstan buys a large amount of black metal from the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the cost of black metal production in our country depends on the cost of black metal in Russia, and on the economic and political situation in the country and in the world. Below is the analytics of the information portal
The results of the beginning of 2022 no longer demonstrate such an outstanding growth of indicators as it was in 2021, but they look better than they could, given the circumstances (Fig. 2).
In terms of imports, Kazakhstan is the main supplier of steel products for Russia. According to the Kazakh side, imports to Kazakhstan in January–March of this year amounted to 424 thousand tons, which is almost at the same level with the same period last year. But March deliveries are 39% lower compared to February.
It is possible to judge the success of Russian metallurgical companies in the first quarter of this year by the statistics of the main shipments of metal products through the Russian Railways network, given in Table. 2. According to these data, NLMK, Evraz, Metalloinvest and Mechel showed positive dynamics of operating results. MMK and Severstal have reduced the production and shipment of metal products.

Consolidated indicators of the largest holding companies of the ferrous metallurgy of the Russian Federation for the past year in terms of railway deliveries of steel products are shown in Table 2.
In general, the operating results of the quarter in the industry are almost neutral. However, the redirection of export flows, as well as the extreme instability of prices for metal products, will certainly affect the revenues of metallurgy in 2022 and in the construction sector as a whole. In this regard, it is necessary to put the correct forecasting of construction project costs and construction project management to the forefront. We help in these aspects by providing project management services in construction, expert courses in project management and Digitalization of construction.
Info from: Results and expectations of ferrous metallurgy at the beginning of 2022. Part II. Analysis of ferrous metals. (

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