Enrich the infrastructure that we come into contact with every day, and create a legacy for future generations
We do our job to make a positive impact in the country
PMI, PMBOK, IPMA, ISO 9001, ISO 17020
We work according to international standards
Our team has local and international experience in implementing projects totaling over $7 billion
The first on the market to share valuable knowledge and international experience in project management in the construction sector
We are convinced that our honesty and integrity is the force leading to long-term and strong relationships
Company Services

Company Services

Project Management
When millions are at stake in a construction project, preventing costly mistakes becomes the number one priority. Bound by strict time parameters and financial constraints, you must take into account every detail and unforeseen circumstances.
Project Finacial and Technical Control
Many large construction contracts are concluded on the basis of reimbursement of the costs of the general contractor plus bonuses for the services and work provided, which in itself represents unique commercial risks.
Technical Supervision
Engineering services for technical supervision are supervision of construction at all stages of project implementation, including quality, timing, cost, acceptance of completed works and commissioning of facilities.
Technical Audit
Don't assume anything, question everything. Regardless of whether you work in the private or public sector, a comprehensive cost analysis, design estimates and audit of the technical execution of construction and installation works, the correctness of the procurement of materials and equipment is important when evaluating or determining the status of the project ...
Quality Management System
The quality management system in construction or, in other words, the QMS allows you to overcome the negative impact of factors limiting the business activity of construction organizations.
School ACPM
School ACPM
Professional Trainings

Many people, almost 90% working in construction, learned their skills at the workplace, on a construction project. However, those who want to move to a new level of project management will need deeper knowledge and skills than those they receive during on-the-job training.
We are doing our job to make a positive impact in the country, enrich the infrastructure that we come into contact with every day, and create a legacy for future generations
billion $
cost of projects implemented
by our team
project management standards in construction applied by our team
ACPM company provides project and construction management:
clients in various sectors engaged in large and medium-sized construction projects. Our services include cost assessment, construction quality control, financial and technical control, technical audits and risk management, and we are the first in Kazakhstan to share our experience and knowledge through training courses on construction project management with all our customers and contractors.
ACPM (Advanced Controls and Project Management) is the only Kazakhstani company applying international standards of project management in construction (PMI, PMBook).
All our key employees are strong experts with experience in regional and global projects. The total cost of all projects of our management staff is over $ 7 billion, in projects of the industrial, infrastructure sectors for public and private orders.
One of the main distinguishing features is the presence of a project management office (PMO), which guarantees our clients compliance with all project requirements and procedures, as well as gives confidence in the implementation of the project efficiently, on time and within budget.
Our profile
Our profile
They talk about us
They talk about us
Senior Project Manager
Myron Cox
Alexander Fedorchenko was one of the key managers for five years, he was the manager of the design and construction of the BTRP project - the biological threat reduction program. He managed the construction and led the design and survey group. Alexander has an excellent command of project control, including control of the construction schedule, control of project costs and management of contract conditions.
Executive Director
Hiroshi Eguchi
Saniya Ayambekova was a member of the project team of the renewable energy project “The project of construction of the smart grid wind farm with a capacity of 42 MW – 2 stages in the Tupkaragan district of the Mangystau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. During her appointment as project manager, Saniya integrated all project employees, as well as informed the management of the Parties about the progress of each stage and skillfully managed all the tasks of the project.
Head of the Project Center
Maksytov B.A.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Project Manager Akbisenov Zhandos for the high-quality work on the construction of the Jamgyr gold recovery plant with a capacity of 300 thousand tons per year in the Kyrgyz Republic. During the cooperation, we receive a high-quality technical supervision service, a well-structured work of the technical supervision group, timely identification of inconsistencies in the construction site and an extremely clear analysis of the progress of construction of facilities on the construction site.
Project Manager Kazakhstan
Alexander Stolyarov
Alexander Fedorchenko supported the BTRP Project in various roles, which required considerable knowledge and experience in project management and design. Initially, Alexander worked as a project manager at the AECOM BSL 3 facility, but he was re-appointed as a project engineer to lead the engineering team in solving CRL design issues for further use of his talents and leadership qualities. He enthusiastically took this position and was able to develop a plan and organize an engineering team to solve these difficult tasks of the project.
Sub-regional Manager of the Caspian region, Managing Director Kazakhstan
Mammadov A.
Saniya Ayambekova worked in the company as a Business Manager of the Department of Services for the Industrial Sector (2018-2021). During her time at the company, Saniya has established herself as a responsible and reliable partner, focusing both on the development of the Industrial business and on the formation of her team. Under the leadership of Saniya, together with the established team, procedures and methodologies for the production of works and quality control in construction projects were introduced.
Branch Director
Kim Jong Kyk
Akbisenov Zhandos worked in the project "Construction of the Balkhash thermal power plant with a capacity of 1,320 MW" in the village. Ulken. He managed to exceed expectations in a manner peculiar only to him. He is a highly qualified quality control specialist. Deep technical knowledge, the ability to quickly find a common language with people and make critical decisions allowed him to successfully fulfill his duties. Mr. Akbisenov has his own view on the situation and ways to solve it.
Letter of recommendation

This letter of recommendation is provided on behalf of Kazphosphate LLP in relation to ACPM LLP.
Kazphosphate LLP expresses its gratitude to ACPM LLP for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation during the financial and technical audit for the project "Expansion of production of 500 thousand tons of MAP (ammofas 10:46)" at the TF Kazphosphate LLP, Mineral Fertilizers.
The required set of works was completed within the contractual terms, within the terms of reference, with proper quality.
As part of the work performed, ACPM LLP has established itself as a reliable partner.
Based on our experience, we recommend ACPM LLP to perform similar types of work.
Recommendation letters
Recommendation letters
Recommendation letter

Advanced Controls & Project Management LLP (hereinafter, ACPM LLP) is our permanent partner. During our cooperation, we had no complaints about the results of the work of ASRM LLP. They are used to performing assigned tasks taking into account all the needs of customers and in accordance with the professional requirements of the construction industry.
We are satisfied with the activities of ACPM LLP and recommend this company as a professional and reliable partner.
Recommendation letter

"ACPM" LLP is a strategic partner of SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT (SEV.R.DEVELOPMENT") in the field of financial and technical control, construction management and technical consulting for our clients in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. During our cooperation, "ACPM" LLP has proved itself as a reliable partner in the implementation of projects and achieving the best result for customers. The employees of "ACPM" LLP approach the tasks with high responsibility, perform the work on time with a high level of quality. I would especially like to note the high responsibility and efficiency of the management of the company "ACPM" LLP in solving problems.
Based on the positive experience of working together, we recommend the company "ACPM" LLP as a responsible reliable partner in the implementation of investment and construction projects.
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Useful articles
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