Project Finacial and Technical Control

Many large construction contracts are concluded on the basis of reimbursement of the costs of the general contractor plus bonuses for the services and work provided, which in itself represents unique commercial risks. Our commercial and financial support experts provide timely and cost-effective solutions in all sectors of the construction sector. We identify and assess risks, allowing them to be properly managed to provide you with complete confidence.

Our cost management consultants focus on forecasting the capital costs of investment programs and projects, as well as all the financial consequences that property or infrastructure assets have on the client's business model – at the beginning of the project, during implementation and throughout the life of the assets.

ACPM's cost assessment and management services include benchmarking, procurement and contract consulting, cost planning, bid management, and post-contract cost control. The goal of our cost management services is to add value throughout the project lifecycle by increasing cost certainty through a process-oriented approach. We set realistic budgets, conduct meaningful cost development activities, and establish reliable cost monitoring.

That is why 80% of our cost management business is carried out through repeated commissions, and that is why we can confidently offer the financial and technical control service. Our approach to the cost lifecycle covers the stages before, during and after construction:

We pride ourselves on leaving a positive legacy for communities, as well as ensuring the commercial success of our clients' efforts. By working in partnership with everyone involved or affected by a project or investment, we help ensure that they bring economic and social benefits.

Before investing
During the investment
After commissioning
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