Technical Audit
Don't assume anything, question everything. Regardless of whether you work in the private or public sector, a comprehensive cost analysis, design estimates and audit of the technical execution of construction and installation works, the correctness of the procurement of materials and equipment is important when evaluating or determining the status of the project, which will enable the investor / customer to get a real picture of the project to make a decision on financing or the distribution of funds.
ACPM experts conduct audits strictly comply with regulatory and project requirements, thereby providing a set of services that help manage customer risks and guarantee the expected results of the project. We provide you with direct, independent, reliable, fact-based advice that will help you understand the problems faced by your projects and, as a result, your business.
We do this by offering a wide range of audits:
ACPM's project monitoring teams provide timely and objective audit reporting, starting with the assessment of the management of the contracting organization, the designer, and ending with monitoring schedules and cost analysis. The teams include specialists at all stages of construction, so many events taking place within the framework of the project can be timely evaluated and evaluated by a suitable expert and benefit our customers with technically and financially sound recommendations based on the audit.
Audit of design and estimate documentation
Audit quality of construction and installation works
Audit of ongoing and planned tenders
Audit of the volume of work performed for compliance with the project cost
Audit of completed construction
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