Many people, almost 90% working in construction, learned their skills at the workplace, on a construction project. However, those who want to move to a new level of project management will need deeper knowledge and skills than those they receive during on-the-job training.
We were the first in Kazakhstan to undertake the mission to improve the skills of construction sector managers and train them in project management in the construction sector on the basis of international project management schools and on the basis of many years of experience of our experts in international companies where we have successfully implemented numerous projects in the industrial and infrastructure sector. This is our contribution to the development of the country's construction sector. And the creation of a competent professional community in the field of management and control of investment and construction projects of the country.
Project personnel working on medium and large construction projects continue to face growing challenges in the implementation of their projects. The rapid impact of globalization imposes even stricter requirements on project deadlines, cost and quality.

Competent managers recognize that a major component of project success is active project management. Therefore, it is important to have a working understanding of the procedures for planning, evaluating, scheduling and controlling the implementation of a project.

Construction projects often face costly claims that delay projects and result in losses for owners and contractors. Understanding construction management and claims prevention is essential to achieving sound project goals.
Master the methods of project management in construction and learn how to choose a management style for each task of your project
Learn to define project requirements, identify risks, calculate terms, price and scope of work according to the proposed methodologies
You will learn how to effectively manage performers and contractors, be able to be responsible for quality, deadlines and budget compliance
Construction project managers perform the important job of ensuring that construction projects move smoothly from start to finish. These professionals need a deep understanding of modern construction management ideas and rules, as well as the ability to manage people, time, problems, materials, costs, and more. Because managers are involved in every aspect of a construction project, they must be skilled at managing every stage of development. If you want to receive quality training in the field of construction management, sign up for our courses today.

The ACPM training course is designed for individuals who wish to learn practical construction project management techniques that will help them complete work tasks, set and maintain priorities, and meet deadlines for work and projects.

When you complete all courses and complete a practical project, you will receive a certificate to share with potential employers and colleagues.
We will teach you how to manage construction projects, keep documentation and control contractors. We will tell you how to keep within the budget and deliver projects on time. We share the knowledge base on construction project management that we have collected over decades in different countries, with the help of our courses you:
Recommendation letters
Recommendation letters
We hereby express our gratitude for inviting our employees to the training "Cost Management of a Construction Project" from the company "ASRM" LLP.
Colleagues note the high level of the training trainers, interesting presentation of the material, detailed consultations, conversational trainings, as well as an individual approach to each listener.
The course you developed fully met our expectations and fully revealed the topics and issues relevant to our team.
Thank you for your work and wish the company "ASRM" further prosperity!

Bolatov K.
Chief Operating Officer
on personnel and social issues
Kazphosphate LLP expresses its gratitude to the ASRM company, which was the first in Kazakhstan to provide a series of trainings on Project Management in Construction.
Employees of Kazphosphate LLP participated in one of them, namely the training "Cost Management of a Construction Project".
According to the results of the training, the employees who took part in the training gave high marks. The clear structure of the training, its connection with specific problems arising in the current work, the involvement of all those present in the learning process, and the opportunity to express their opinions - all this left the training participants with extremely positive emotions. The training objectives set
before the start of the training by the company's management have been fully achieved.

Toksanbayev G.B.
First Deputy
General Director
SmArt.Point Almaty LLP expresses its gratitude to ASRM LLP for the course "Cost Management of a Construction Project".
Our company was satisfied with the training in the company "ASRM" thanks to the relevant knowledge that we received during the training. Thanks to the practical trainers of the ASRM company, it is possible to achieve practical changes in the work in accordance with the goals set for the course.
We have a really good relationship with ASRM, and we recommend using its services. ASRM compares favorably with other companies using Construction Extension to the RMVOK ® Guide in its work, as well as its energetic and professional team, thoughtfulness and elaboration of training programs step by step.
Ismailova A.
General manager
We express our gratitude to ASRM LLP for organizing a series of trainings on Project Management in Construction.
The training took place dynamically, at a high pace and was distinguished by the richness of practical material.
All participants noted the peculiarity of Trainers to clearly explain complex materials on real cases. The participants of the training received a balanced set of knowledge and new practical tools.
We recommend ASRM LLP as a reliable and professional partner, we hope for further cooperation.

Imandosova M.B.
Training plan
The plan of professional courses for 2022-2023.
Construction Project Cost Management
Status: Start Soon
Management of Construction Projects according to the Norms of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Status: Start Soon
Financial Management in Construction
Status: Start Soon
Construction Project Manager
Status: Start Soon
Management of Content of Construction Project
learn more
Status: In development
Management of Tender Process of Construction Project
learn more
Status: In development
Management of Construction Project Resources
learn more
Status: In development
Management of Stakeholders of Construction Project
learn more
Status: In development
Management of Integration of Construction Project
learn more
Status: In development
And others
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