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ACPM company provides project and construction management services to clients in various sectors engaged in large and medium-sized construction projects. Our services include cost assessment, construction quality control, financial and technical control, technical audits and risk management, and we are the first in Kazakhstan who shares own experience and knowledge through training courses on construction project management with all our customers and contractors.

ACPM (Advanced Controls and Project Management) is the only Kazakhstani company applying international standards of project management in construction (PMI, PMBook). All our key employees are strong experts with experience in regional and global projects. The total cost of all projects of our management staff is over $ 7 billion, in projects of the industrial, infrastructure sectors for public and private orders.
One of the main distinguishing features is the presence of a project management office (PMO), which guarantees our clients compliance with all project requirements and procedures, as well as gives confidence in the implementation of the project efficiently, on time and within budget.
Our main task is project management in construction, we are not affiliated with any party to the project, which means that we are free from any potential conflicts of interest. Our only task is to protect the interests of the client, manage potential risks and fulfill our obligations for the successful implementation of the project.

We do business the right way and put our responsibility for our people, communities and the environment at the heart of every decision we make.
We strive to create a great place to work because we understand that our employees are at the heart of our success, and together we become stronger. We encourage honesty in everything we do, apply our expertise to create a better living environment for future generations and create value for our community.
Realizing that the impact of business on the business environment alone is not enough to solve social and environmental problems, ACPM strives to do more, and our corporate social responsibility strategy has three aspects: educational aspects, environmental protection and care for our employees and partners.

ACPM implements all social programs at its own expense. We provide our employees with opportunities to participate in various local and international environmental events at the expense of the company's time, thereby increasing the awareness of our employees about environmental issues.

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Ethical business conduct

We are convinced that our honesty and conscientiousness is a force leading to long-term and strong relationships. We have one goal: protecting your interests and finances.

Our values
Our values

Comprehensive partnership

We adapt to the needs of each client and develop customized approaches and solutions to meet these needs.

Exceptional expertise

Our team consists of internationally recognized industry experts, each of whom is a specialist in their field. We use this experience to help you manage risk and realize your vision.


We value the health and lives of our customers, suppliers and employees, which is why we prioritize safety in everything we do.


We are doing our job to make a positive impact in the country, enrich the infrastructure that we come into contact with every day, and create a legacy for future generations

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