Technical Supervision
Engineering services for technical supervision are supervision of construction at all stages of project implementation, including quality, timing, cost, acceptance of completed works and commissioning of facilities.
Technical supervision protects the Customer from the risks associated with the actions of unscrupulous contractors. Our clients confirm that the organization of technical supervision by ACPM specialists makes it possible to prevent a decrease in the quality of work and helps to ensure the implementation of the project within the approved cost. Numerous letters of recommendation addressed to our specialists testify to the professionalism and consistently high quality of technical supervision services.
Our technical supervision over the production of construction and installation works at newly erected, reconstructed facilities differs from the classical management of engineering services of technical supervision. We divide technical supervision into two subtypes according to international quality management standards (standard of the American Institute of PMI)
Quality Assurance & Quality Control/ Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control
Quality Assurance includes those planned and systematic actions that are necessary to ensure sufficient confidence that the product or service will meet the specified requirements. For this purpose, we individually develop a Quality Control Plan/Quality Management Plan for each project in accordance with the special requirements of the construction project.

Quality Control is the methods of measurement, testing and verification used to determine whether specific construction and installation works (CMP) or the supplied inventory items (TMC) meet certain project requirements. For this purpose, we are introducing a system of technical checklists and Notice For Inspection (NFI) notification of ACPM inspection on each project.
With the increased burden on budgets and the need to reduce costs, quality control and cost control of services are extremely important. We work in all sectors of construction, including production facilities such as factories and factories, as well as infrastructure facilities such as the construction of business centers and medical institutions, etc.
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