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Our leadership

Director, Kazakhstan

Saniya Ayambekova

Certified Project Manager (PMP).
Saniya has more than fifteen years of experience in strategic business development, marketing, consulting services and construction management for multimillion-dollar projects. Saniya provides expert knowledge on projects in various sectors of the construction market, including healthcare, industry, education, renewable energy sources, infrastructure and government institutions and mixed-use facilities.

She has worked in projects in Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. She specializes in leading global business development. It is aimed at achieving optimal sales and customer satisfaction, and also mentors, trains and trains other specialists in advanced marketing and project management practices in the construction sector. Co-author of the scientific work "Automation of the verification process for compliance with the requirements and standards for quality control and acceptance of construction and installation works in Kazakhstan".

Saniya received a Master's degree in Economics and Management in Construction from the Kazakh Head Architectural and Construction Academy (KAZGAS). He also holds a Master's degree in Corporate Governance from Almaty Management University (AlmaU). In addition, Saniya was awarded a special prize in the achievement category "Women's Leadership Award 2015", nominated by the American Chamber of Commerce.

Сания Аямбекова

Quality Conrtol Director

Alexander Fedorchenko

Certified Project Manager (AECOM). More than 35 years of experience in managing programs and projects for large engineering and construction projects. His areas of expertise include program and project management, project control, project planning, cost control, evaluation, planning, design guidance, forecasting and analysis of construction requirements for public and private projects.

More than eighteen years of work in the field of design, calculations and testing of complex energy systems, including rocket engines. More than seven years of experience in managing the design and construction of an ammunition disposal plant for the Russian Chemical Weapons Destruction Facility in Shchuchye, Chelyabinsk Region, reconstruction of the experimental base of the GosNIIOHT Institute, Moscow, as well as managing construction works and contractors within the framework of interstate projects under the joint threat reduction program between Russia and the United States. More than ten years of experience in managing the design, construction and reconstruction of biological laboratories of BSL-2, BSL-3, BSL-4 levels in Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, he also has experience in managing complex projects to modernize the infrastructure of power plants, enterprises and municipalities in the field of water treatment and wastewater treatment, and construction of plants and factories in the mining industry.

Alexander solves a wide variety of project tasks, such as integrated design, using modern CAD programs, complex technical systems, management of complex engineering projects, coordination of work with government agencies, coordination of contractors and suppliers, development of technical specifications, schedules and budgets, thermodynamic calculations, calculations on hydromechanics, performing the functions of a technical customer, design and construction of facilities for compliance with GMP standards, design of industrial facilities, design of engineering systems of laboratories and pharmaceutical enterprises, design and construction of facilities for compliance with BMBL5 and WHO standards, management of construction projects, control of the technical level and quality of work, review of documentation, installation results, analysis of tests and participation in acceptance commissions, management of commissioning of complex engineering systems, planning and control of procurement activities of contractors.

The total cost of projects managed by Alexander is over $ 1.265 billion.

Александр Федорченко

Project Management Office Manager (PMO), Kazakhstan

Zhandos Akbisenov

Zhandos is the manager of the PMO and is responsible for all projects as a Controlling PMO/Controlling PMO, Supporting PMO/Supportive PMO, and Directive PMO /Directive PMO, depending on the complexity and technical nature of the project. He is a project manager with more than fourteen years of experience in industrial and infrastructure construction projects with a total cost of over $ 580 million. He has experience in practical construction and construction project management, professional consulting, strategic and sustainable planning, operations management, project financing and due diligence, project evaluation and management, and project quality control. Zhandos is accredited as an expert of technical supervision on objects of the first level of responsibility in terms of bearing and enclosing structures, as an expert of technical supervision on objects of the first level of responsibility in terms of engineering networks, as an expert of technical supervision on objects of the first level of responsibility in terms of technological equipment. He worked at the KSU "Department of State Architectural and Construction Control of Almaty" (GASK), chief specialist of the licensing and inspection Department.

Zhandos solves various tasks in accordance with the task assigned to the PMO, which includes creating an individual project plan according to the company's procedures, supervising operational processes at the facility, solving complex issues with the Customer and Contractors. Co-author of the scientific work "Automation of the verification process for compliance with the requirements and standards for quality control and acceptance of construction and installation works in Kazakhstan".

Zhandos has a bachelor's degree from K. I. Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University in the specialty of architecture and construction, calculation and design of buildings and structures. He also has certificates of completion of training according to ISO and PMP PMBook standards.

Жандос Акбисенов

Financial and technical auditor

Venera Sartova

Venera has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and auditing projects in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. These are consulting international, public and private projects in various sectors of the economy: construction, gold mining, oil and gas production, industry, energy, aviation business, HoReCa, retail and others.
Venera has prepared a complete analysis of the situation in the energy sector in the Central Asian region (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan). She identified the risks of an international energy project, developed analytical materials on the problems of the development of the energy industry in Kyrgyzstan, developed strategies for the development of a generating company from the perspective of the development of the energy sector as a whole.
Venera managed projects on financial technical audit and control of construction projects, as well as engaged in economic assessment of business and projects, development of business plans. Identification of possible risks of projects, optimization of business processes and determination of internal potential, and assessment of the company's resources to increase the efficiency of activities. She also successfully implemented projects on strategic planning, the development of a company development strategy for three to five years, business modeling and the construction of business architecture, the development of technical specifications for the automation of business processes. It solves a wide variety of complex tasks ranging from the development of business processes and procedures of the quality management system, as well as the implementation of ISO 9000-2001 quality standards and ending with the development and conduct of author's training on IFRS for client personnel.
She is an economist-mathematician by education, graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a degree in Economic Cybernetics. Certified accountant-practitioner and analyst. Certified business coach.

Венера Сартова
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