Project Management Standardization System

The quality management system in construction or, in other words, the QMS allows you to overcome the negative impact of factors limiting the business activity of construction organizations. To date, 70% of construction companies do not have a quality management system or have this system only on paper.

From practice: When a construction company is small, you can still manage projects with virtually no planned quality management system procedures. But after the time has passed and as the construction company grows, project management and the organization as a whole will be impossible without an effective QMS. A modern quality management system should include local building codes, ISO standards and best project management practices such as PMP, IPMA.

Since there are no universal Kazakh or international standards for project management in construction, we create them taking into account the needs of the Customer on the basis of international standards (Construction Extension to the PMBOK ® Guide, CII, ISO, etc.) and local building norms and regulations. Then this complex solution will be digitized by the software "ETC - Construction Management". This approach will help to ensure:

Organization, planning and management of construction strictly in an automated IT system developed for the project to achieve planning and design solutions;
Successful completion of the work in full, on time and in accordance with the construction budget.

The long-term experience of our experts in the field of construction and project management in different countries will allow us to develop, in an integrated team with your employees, the most effective Project Management Standardization System procedures, which will cover the project quality management plan, the control plan for the input control of goods and materials, the control plan for the input control of POI, the construction schedule management plan, the change management plan, BiOT procedures and much more.

We will help to develop and implement a Project Management Standardization System that will be aimed at ensuring the quality and efficiency of the entire organization as a whole, by ensuring the quality of the production, management and organizational processes of the organization. Such an idea of your organization will have a positive impact on the image of the organization. The level of competition in this dynamically developing industry is very high.

The Project Management Standardization System is primarily aimed at ensuring that the organization's activities meet the requirements of consumers. This, in turn, should ensure a reduction in unproductive costs and, ultimately, improve the quality of construction.

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