Construction Project Manager
Intensive training, which is aimed exclusively at practicing practical skills. In two days, the participants work out all the key points necessary for successful project management. The intensive-course is for construction project managers and for those who would like to become a project manager in construction.

For whom:
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Quality control managers and engineers
  • PTD engineer
Course content
Course content
Format: Offline
Duration: 2 working days

Course content
Day 1 Construction project planning
1.1. Specifics of construction project management:
1.1.1. Types of international project management standards;
1.1.2. Characteristic features of construction projects;
1.1.3. Life cycle of construction projects;
1.1.4. The specifics of information technology in construction.
1.2. Construction project management processes:
1.2.1. Project Management Process Groups ;
1.2.2. Areas of knowledge of project management;
1.2.3. Business game: "Intuitive project management and expert advice".
1.3. Project planning:
1.3.1. The main stages of the construction project – PIR, MTO, SMR, PNR;
1.3.2. Main participants of the construction project, distribution of responsibility;
1.3.3. Performance indices (NPV, IRR, Payback period, etc.) and Project Management Tools;
1.3.4. Project cost planning. Probabilistic approach. Accuracy of cost estimation;
1.3.5. Development of the project schedule;
1.3.6. Supply Planning (Resource Management);
1.3.7. Project risk analysis;
1.3.8. Optimization of technical solutions of the project (COM practice - Constructability, Operability, Maintainability);
1.3.9. Group work: Cost estimation, risk analysis, and schedule development. Calculation of reserves.
1.3.10. Project quality planning. Principles of building a quality control system for a construction project (QA/QC Plan, ITP, TC). Types of quality control The system of regulatory documentation on quality control in Kazakhstan.

Day 2 Execution of a construction project
2.1. Launch of the construction project execution stage:
2.1.1. Project Readiness Index for the "Execution" stage (PDRI);
2.1.2. Organizational documents of the project (PIC, PPR, etc.);
2.1.3. Requirements for control tools;
2.1.4. Intellectual game "Cost of ownership Calculation (COC)".
2.2. Quality management of the construction project:
2.2.1. Quality control bodies, their obligations (VET, OCC, technical supervision, etc.);
2.2.2. Inspection Management (NFI, NRI);
2.2.3. Nonconformity Report (NCR);
2.2.4. Business Case: Nonconformity Report (NCR).
2.3. Managing the construction schedule:
2.3.1. Assessment of the progress of tasks;
2.3.2. Tracking the project schedule;
2.3.3. Project completion forecast – PERT analysis. Business case.
2.3.4. Business case: Cost schedule management
2.4. Project Cost Management:
2.4.1. The method of mastered cost;
2.4.2. Graphical analysis, forecast of the cost and completion dates of the project. Business Case;
2.4.3. Accounting aspects for builders;
2.5. Change management of the construction project:
2.5.1. Change management Plan;
2.5.2. Procedures and procedures for interaction of interested parties;
2.6. Project risk management:
2.6.1. Typical risks of project schedule tasks;
2.6.2. Risk control;
2.6.3. Business case: "Calculation of the current risk level of the project".
2.7. Closing of the construction project:
2.7.1. Ensuring commissioning, operational readiness and commissioning;
2.7.2. Acceptance of buildings and structures in accordance with the norms of Kazakhstan, responsible persons and their obligations;
Training payment:
Period: March 2023
Construction Project Manager
540 000 KZT
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