Fundamentals of construction project management according to the regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of construction

Fundamentals of construction project management based on the regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of construction is a training for project managers, managers of programs and assets of the company. At the training, we talk about the full life cycle of a construction project with all the milestones of state licensing procedures and the areas of responsibility of each interested party of a construction investment project (customer, general contractor of the SMR, general designer, technical and author's supervision, etc.).

Course content

Course content

Format: Offline/Online
Duration: at least 2 full working days
1. The stage of initiation of the construction project
1.1. Preparation of a feasibility study, project charter
2. At the stage of planning a construction project:
2.1. Budget planning of the construction project. The stages of cost planning. The accuracy of the assessment. Structure and content of budgets at different stages of project implementation. Assessment of reserves and risks
2.2. Project documentation:
2.2.1. The difference between the levels of responsibility of buildings and structures (1, 2 and 3 categories of responsibility of buildings and structures).
2.2.2. Preliminary design. Nuances and limitations. The order of approval.
2.2.3. Design stages. Stage P (Project) and stage RD (Working Documentation).
2.2.4. The content of the source materials necessary for the development of project documentation: APZ (Architectural and planning task), technical specifications (Technical conditions), etc. Terms of consideration.
2.2.5. Design assignment. Requirements according to building codes. The choice of general design organizations, what to pay attention to according to local building codes.
2.2.6. Development of project documentation. Schedule, acceptance procedure;
2.2.7. Coordination of project documentation with local executive bodies and owners of engineering networks.
2.2.8. Examination of project documentation. State and non-state expertise. Terms, cost.
2.2.9. Approval of project documentation with the customer. Nuances when approved by the customer, depending on the design stages (single-stage and two-stage design).
2.3. Selection of project participants (general contractor, author's supervision and technical supervision). Local qualification requirements;
2.4. Development of a Project Management Plan, Organizational and technological documentation (PIC, PPR, TC, etc.)
2.5. Schedule of work. The main provisions.
3. At the stage of project implementation:
3.1. Notification of the bodies carrying out state architectural and construction control and supervision on the start of construction and installation works;
3.2. State control and supervision of construction.
3.3. Monitoring of compliance with construction deadlines for the main milestones of the project;
3.4. Monitoring the quality of work. The role of copyright and technical supervision; Requirements.
3.5. Changes to the construction project. Requirements for the approval of changes in the construction period and budget.
4. Completion of construction:
4.1. Acceptance of the facility into operation;
4.2. Registration of the construction object;
4.3. The procedure for closing the project.

Course Coaches

Course Coaches:

Сания Аямбекова

ACPM Director/
Advanced Controls & Project Management

Certified Project Management Professional (РМР)® 13 years of experience in strategic business development, project management and training

Zhandos Akbisenov

Project Manager/
Coach Advanced Controls
& Project Management

Project manager with more than 12 years of experience in industrial construction projects

Venera Sartova

Financial and technical auditor
/Coach Advanced Controls & Project Management

Certified Accountant-Practitioner
25 years of experience in audit and consulting projects in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

Training payment:

Period: December 2022 - January 2023

Fundamentals of construction project management according to the regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of construction

540 000 KZT


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