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Do you know about the 1:10:100 rule?

Do you know about the 1:10:100 rule?
Today we will tell you about an interesting rule that will make you think and will significantly improve the efficiency not only in planning construction projects, or managing your finances, but also in other areas of human life. This rule is 1:10:100. The basis of this rule in construction can be illustrated in this way:

1. Planning (Feasibility study, Design)

2. Implementation (Construction and installation works)

3. Application (Operation)

The essence of the 1:10:100 rule is that with the transition of the idea implementation to each new stage, the price of error correction increases 10 times!

For example, if at the first stage of the project, as at the feasibility study or design stage, correcting a certain error may cost $ 1, then at the stage of construction and installation work to correct the same error, it will take $ 10, which is 10 times more expensive, and at the operational stage, the price of correcting the same error may be 100 times more expensive.

In other words, the rule 1:10;100 can be formulated as follows: the sooner you find an error, the cheaper you can fix it.

You've probably heard the aphorisms "it's easier to prevent a disease than to treat it" or "measure it seven times - cut it off once." They teach us to put planning ahead of action using the 1:10:100 rule. Our goal in project management is to determine exactly what we are doing and then plan it in such a way as to prevent problems from occurring in advance. This may mean a slower and more expensive start, but it guarantees success and a reduction in the overall cost of the project.
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