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Project management in construction: rules that not works

Project management in construction: rules that not works
Construction is a strategic industry of the country, it is important that everything that we are building now is used for its intended purpose by our children and grandchildren in the future. As you understand, only high-quality construction can achieve this goal. But who controls the quality of capital construction in Kazakhstan and how? Do we put the quality of construction in the first place?
According to the Order of the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 3, 2015 No. 71 "On approval of the Rules for the provision of engineering services in the field of architectural, urban planning and construction activities", for the construction of technically complex facilities, including unique construction projects and large investment projects, the customer of the project is allowed to involve organizations providing project management services.
Let's look at whether engineering services for project management (hereinafter referred to as PM) work in construction. The diagram below shows the structure of the Construction industry in Kazakhstan, and project management is indicated in the block "Engineering expert organizations" ensuring the quality of construction work.
According to the "Structures of the Construction industry", the list of engineering and expert organizations for quality control includes: engineering services for author supervision (control for compliance with project documentation), technical supervision (control of the project for compliance with the quality of the CMP) and project management (general project management). Author's and technical supervision begins on time of construction, but does not cover the time of feasibility study development and design, for example. Only project management embraces the construction project from the initiation of the project and commissioning of the building and structure. Project management includes such important stages of a construction project as assessment of the feasibility of the construction project, management and control of survey work, control of the design process, management of procurement of materials and construction management, etc. In essence, project management should be at the head of the entire Project and manage all processes and stakeholders, including author and technical supervision.
Do Project Management (PM)  Services work in construction? Unfortunately, they are not working at the moment. If engineering services for technical and author supervision are mandatory for the implementation of projects in Kazakhstan, then project management is not a mandatory engineering service. Although the construction market does not need state control of professional project managers in construction in order to achieve project performance. Of the major reasons why the PM does not work in the construction of Kazakhstan, you can specify three reasons:
The first is that there is no precise understanding at the legislative level on rationing the cost of project management, so it becomes impossible to apply project management to large public investment projects. In this regard, the relevant work of the authorized bodies is underway.
Secondly, the market does not have confidence in accredited project management companies. This is due to the fact that minimum qualification requirements are put forward for companies to obtain accreditation. And therefore, there are many companies on the market that are not able to provide professional project management services in construction.
Third, there are no professional associations for project management in construction, which would interact on standardization and standardization of project management with state authorized bodies, and would assist in business development in this direction. We would also develop human resources, since the shortage of personnel in the construction industry, in the presence of a formal surplus of workers, is now clearly structural in nature: an acute shortage of workers with an insufficient level of their qualifications.
In this regard, it is necessary to create conditions for the development of project management in construction in order to enable the market to build efficiently and for centuries. Drastic measures, precise rules and strict standards are needed. Do you remember how everyone drove while there was no video fixing "Sergek"? All people violated, drove into the oncoming lane. All this stopped after the installation of video fixing violations. The same principle can be used in construction, and therefore it is necessary to strengthen the regulatory framework, introduce a system of effective planning and monitoring.
Everything we are building and developing now is not just for ourselves. We are building this for our children as well. So can we make it a principle in project management — to build in such a way that there is no shame in front of them? It is not a shame for low-quality factories and factories, for ugly houses with thin walls, rotten pipes, low-quality roads. After all, we are able to build a New Kazakhstan together and qualitatively!
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