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Stepping on the same rake

Stepping on the same rake!

Recently, we came across a project where there was a complete lack of understanding of the principles of quality control in construction and installation works.

The contractor was carrying out works to lay asphalt concrete pavement during the improvement of one of the courtyards in Almaty. After observing the contractor's actions, the following discrepancies were identified:
1. After rain, they did not recheck the moisture and density of the base (clause 10.1.8, 10.1.11 PR RK 218-35-2016).
2. Before laying the asphalt concrete mixture, no bitumen subgrade preparation was done (clause 10.5-2.3 PR RK 218-35-2016).
3. Complete absence of geodetic control, responsible ITR (Inspection and Test Report), and technical supervision.
The asphalt concrete mixture was delivered to the site without checking its temperature (clause 10.5-2.3 PR RK 218-35-2016). Due to the prolonged standing of the asphalt concrete mixture, its temperature drops, which negatively affects the compaction quality of the pavement.

Unfortunately, all of the above is a consequence of the lack of knowledge of the basic principles of ensuring the quality of construction and installation works, which many domestic contracting organizations repeat from project to project with enviable regularity. It is like stepping on the same rake every 4-5 meters and not realizing that something is wrong. The workers are not to blame for the fact that the contracting organization is not interested in quality and does not instill in them appropriate quality work policies. It is quite possible that they are not even employees of the contractor, but only hired workers.

To eliminate the consequences of poor quality and rework, it is necessary to address the root causes. One of them is the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), which outlines all necessary operations, requirements, and the involvement of controlling personnel. We recently discussed the importance of ITP and how to create it in our master class "Construction Quality Management," the video recording of which can be found at the link

This is a vivid example of poor quality work (, the rework of which will soon be paid for by our taxes. If such a fundamental lack of knowledge of quality control principles or negligent attitude of contractors towards their responsibilities, whose activities are strictly licensed (why and how such contractors obtain a license is another story), is encountered in Almaty, then it is not difficult to imagine what is happening in other regions.

There are many such contractors, unfortunately, and this is just one of many examples. Of course, we want to support small and medium-sized businesses, but not at the expense of the quality of work and the country's budget.

Performing work with quality is not that difficult if there is a desire...
Zhandos Akbisenov
PMO Manager
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