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Understanding quality control in construction

Understanding quality control in construction
Compliance with construction quality standards is one of the main aspects in the implementation of any construction project. 
Experience shows that in 90% of cases, the emergency condition of commissioned facilities, the service life of which is not significant at all, is caused by non-compliance with requirements for construction materials or violations of construction regulations. The list of these violations can be enormous, and contractors of works, and the supply and logistics service can be responsible for these violations. But the control and timely detection of such violations is the area of responsibility of the technical supervision service.
The construction technical supervision service must be at a construction site of any complexity. So why is the percentage of emergency facilities that are approved and put into operation so high? It is enough just to look at the news of the construction market, where residential and infrastructure facilities that have been in operation for no more than 1-3 years are recognized as emergency in different regions of Kazakhstan.
The reason for these problems always lies in the plane of the human factor. The lack of real quality control in the production of building materials (which, unfortunately, is revealed only during operation), negligence in coordination on the ground often give rise to corruption, conflicts of interest. Today we see that the government and IT developers, for their part, are trying to optimize and make work processes in construction and procurement more controlled and transparent. Automated project management systems in construction are being developed, regulations on construction quality control are being introduced.
It is also a well-known fact that developers and owners themselves are well aware of the level of corruption on the ground and accept this system as inevitable.
The detection of defects during operation casts a shadow on the reputation of the developer and developer, not only within the framework of the current project, but also in subsequent ones.

Is there a way out of this situation?
The answer is YES! There is a solution. The best solution is an independent technical supervision that ensures uninterrupted and timely monitoring of construction works and materials for their compliance with technical documentation and quality standards.
Companies specializing in technical supervision services in construction, build interaction with all involved participants guided by the norms and regulations that minimize the risks of defects and inconsistencies in the quality of construction.

Savings on technical supervision
So what should I choose, technical supervision as a regular unit in a construction project or independent experts?
In any case, the work of technical supervision is included in the project estimate, BUT, with the involvement of independent experts, the company providing technical supervision services is responsible for the deffect at the construction site, the customer does not need to identify and suppress corruption facts on his own, a third-party company excludes the possibility of a conflict of interests.
Did you know that the cost of corrections and repairs, identified emergencies and violations reach an average of 10% to 30% of the cost of construction of the entire facility, depending on the situation.
And the damage that a developer or developer receives can be assessed only years after the commissioning of facilities with defects that are already detected in the process of work.

Saniya Ayambekova
Advanced Controls & Project Management
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