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Requirements of building codes of Kazakhstan: difficulties and solutions

Requirements of building codes of Kazakhstan: difficulties and solutions
As you know, the construction industry is regulated by a lot of regulatory legal acts (NPA) and regulatory and technical documents (NTD).

The organization of construction is rapidly changing as investment in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For information, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Architectural, Urban Planning and Construction activities" published in 2001 was amended 186 times before 2018!
According to the international standard PMI Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBoK) Guide 6th Edition, one of the tools in the development of a Quality Management Plan is the Collect of requirements.

Accordingly, when developing a Construction Quality Management Plan in the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to collect all the requirements for NTD and design of project (PSD).
Construction participants are always faced with numerous regulatory and technical documents in the field of construction, which must be followed in their projects. Many do not even know the general picture of NTDs, hierarchies, the status of their relevance and the nature of their application.

By purpose of use of NTDs are divided into the following parts:
- mandatory
- voluntary application
- recommended

The Architectural and Urban Planning Catalog (AGSK), which is updated annually by the Construction and Housing-Communal Services Affairs Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, covers almost all NTDs in the field of construction.

It should be noted that there are also NTDs that are not included in the list of AGSK, but are valid in the Republic of Kazakhstan. These are mainly NTDs developed during the USSR period.

According to AGSK – 1.1, 1.2 from 2021, the number of NTDs and NPAs is 3769, of which:
1. NPA – 530
2. NTD – 3239, of which:
- GOST – 946;
- ST RK – 831 (ASTM, DIN, EN, ENV. IEC, ISO, BSI, CEN STB, etc.);
- SN RK – 176;
- VSN – 101;
- SN – 13;
- RDS RK – 33;
- SP RK – 238;
- SP – 3;
- NTP – 68;
- SP RK EN – 58 (identical to Eurocodes);
- National annexes to the SP RK EN – 57.

AGSK is applicable for design, construction and construction control.
Unfortunately, many local engineering companies do not detail the requirements of the project, but only refer to the NTD.

In this connection, before the start of construction, all construction participants (contractors, designer, technical supervision, client, etc.) must identify all the necessary requirements of the NTD, depending on the specifics of construction. As a result, the document "Technical specification of the project" is created, which will be mandatory for execution in the project. This is the only way to ensure the proper quality of construction and installation work and eliminate unnecessary disputes over the relevance of NTDs and their priority. As a professional management company, we require the project participants to create this document, this will give proper communication within the project and correct technical integration of all project documentation.

Advanced Controls and Project Management (ACPM) LLP, when providing engineering services for project management and technical supervision in the field of construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan, always pays special attention to collecting all the relevant necessary requirements of NTD and PSD before starting work, which greatly facilitates the work of inspectors on the construction site.

We are constantly monitoring changes in regulatory legal acts (NPA) and regulatory and technical documents (NTD) in Kazakhstan, this approach reduces the risks of errors in the use of irrelevant requirements in the project.
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